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Frequently asked questions

1What is digital marketing?

It is the term used to describe a business’s online marketing activities; and would include digital channels such as their website, Google search, social media and email to connect with prospective and current customers

2What are the benefits?

The fundamental benefit is a typically higher return on investment (ROI) when compared to offline advertising.

Online marketing is different to traditional offline marketing media, allowing advertisers to see results in real time enabling them to see what is working and what is not much quicker.

Compare this to a newspaper advert, where it is difficult to assess how many people have paid attention to the advert, and even the number of direct responses.

A digital marketing consultant can use the rich data available to make adverts more effective quicker, so increasing the marketing return on investment.

3Should I use a digital agency?

Agencies may have skills and expertise that your business does not have. As a result, they should be able to achieve results faster, and more cost effectively than you could achieve in your own business.

A reputable digital marketing agency should have years of experience delivering new customers to numerous businesses as a direct result of their marketing activities.

Before you engage a digital marketing company, you should seek references from previous clients who may be similar to your business.

See our article How to hire an SEO Agency in 2018.

4What digital tactics are there?

There are numerous ways to drive new customers online, including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – this is the process of optimising your website so that it appears in the top search results within the search engines for ‘buying queries’ such as “buy BMX bike”, or “guarantor loans”. [1]
  • PPC stands for pay-per- click, and is a type of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked with a view of driving more visitors to your website. It is a way of buying visits to your site rather than “earning” those visits organically via SEO. [2]
  • Social Media Marketing - the practice of promoting your content and your brand on the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc) to drive traffic, generate leads and increase brand awareness for your business. [4]
  • Email Marketing - using email to promote a business’s products or services, though is most effective when the emails help to develop relationships with potential customers. [6]
  • Content marketing is the technique of creating and distributing valuable content for the purpose of generating brand awareness of your business, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers. [3]
  • Affiliate marketing - one of the oldest forms of marketing where you refer someone to any online product, and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. [5]
  • Online PR - similar to traditional PR in the sense that it is about influencing people rather than buying adverts. The influence could result in a story in a magazine, newspaper or blog. It could also result in other online pick- up, including social media. [7]
5What tactics are right for my business?

The answer depends on:

  • Your business goals

    The marketing strategies used will depend on the goals your business has.

    Maybe you have just launched a new finance brokerage on the back of venture capital, and have a large budget to put towards PPC to drive customers and revenues fast.

    Or maybe you have opened a new local store, and need to quickly drive new customers via PPC, plus over time increase your natural search engine presence using Local SEO, plus get your brand known locally via social media.

  • Your products, services and market in which you operate
    For example, if you supply commercial equipment to the nuclear industry, the right marketing channels are going to be very different to a business who sells ladies fashion. Or if you are a firm of chartered surveyors, then the best forms of marketing will probably be different to a Premier League football team.
  • Your businesses current marketing
    Your existing marketing activities will greatly influence your digital strategy. For example, if over the years you have developed a large database of your existing customer’s details, then email marketing may be the way to go. If you currently run TV adverts, then maybe search engine optimisation to optimise your brand name in the search engines. Or if you currently sponsor sports teams, then social media marketing could be a great way to engage new customers.
  • The speed at which you need results
    If you need new customers in one months’ time, then the digital marketing tactics used will be very different to if there is more time. For example, a small PPC campaign can be set up and start delivering results quickly, whereas local search engine optimisation can take many months.

To discuss which digital service may be relevant for your business, please call Mike Knivett.

6What are the disadvantages of digital?

If the right tactics are used appropriately and executed correctly, then digital has few disadvantages. Though many companies have ‘horror stories’ and never enjoy the benefits digital offers, because this often does not happen.

Digital is very technical with lots of ‘jargon’ which can ‘baffle’ business owners. This opens the door to unscrupulous and ineffective digital marketing agencies selling services they are unable to deliver.

We would recommend you take time before employing an agency and shop around. Google's Maile Ohye shares some excellent advice here. Other tips include:

  1. Conduct a two-way interview - meet with all your prospective agency candidates and interview them.
  2. Check references – ask all prospects to provide you with past client references, for the relevant digital services in the relevant market sectors.
  3. Request a technical audit - some form of audit or market analysis is relevant to all services, whether that be a review of PPC opportunities, or highlighting a recommended social media strategy.

    If you pay your prospective agency for a one-off audit before employing them, you give yourself the chance to ‘see them in action’ before signing a larger contract, and find out if they are the type of people that you can work with.

7What digital marketing services do you offer?

The core digital services we provide are search engine optimisation, pay per click management, and web design; delivering new clients to the platform of your website.

Specialities within these fields include: Google penalty recovery, website audits, conversion rate optimisation and online reputation management.

To effectively deliver these services, we have years of experience also implementing and delivering email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing.

Since 2004 we have been delivering effective marketing services to clients; though do not take our word for it, see our numerous online customer testimonials or contact us for client references.

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Attract new customers to your business


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