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Technical performance

Is your website search engine friendly, fast, easy to use and great on mobile devices? More


Do you have many links to your site from other great quality websites in your market? More


Does your website have top quality content that addresses your visitor’s needs? More

Social signals

Is your business getting mentions on social media, with people sharing your site and content? More

Frequently asked questions

1How to select an SEO Company?

Selecting the right search engine marketing company can be a daunting process. The industry is plagued with jargon and there are plenty of agency’s that ‘talk a good game’.

Google has created a very helpful video listing their top recommendations to ensure you hire a good quality agency. In summary they recommend to:

  1. Conduct interviews with perspective agencies
  2. Check testimonials and references from past client
  3. Commission a technical SEO Audit

To see the video in full see our “How to hire an SEO Agency” page

2What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the marketing activity that helps a website get to the top of Googles search rankings [11].

From making sure the website is fast and well written, to getting links from other websites, and much more.

It is a very broad subject requiring expertise in:

  • Creating and maintaining well designed fast websites
  • Producing great written and graphical content
  • Connecting with others on the web so they share and link to your web pages.
  • Google and their algorithm 
  • and more

The most effective SEO campaigns tie in with a business’ other marketing activities. It is no longer something the 'SEO Company' does in isolation.

3Will SEO work for my business?

SEO will only benefit you as a marketing activity if there are searches in Google for your products and services, or brand.

If there are searches, we would need to do analysis to see if it would be profitable for you. Google can tell us the rough number of searches per month for every single phrase that is types into Google. At the same time, Google can tell us the approximate pay per click (PPC) value that others bid for that term.

So, if you had a phrase that had 1,000 searches a month, and a PPC value of £10 per click, then this could be a profitable term. Whereas if you had a phrase that had 10 searches a month, and a PPC value of £0.01 per click, then this may not be profitable.

Please call Mike to find out if SEO could be profitable for your business.

4How much will it cost?

It is impossible to give you a quote for SEO services for your business without a chat and some analysis.

There are many factors which can affect your site’s search engine performance, such as:

  • Your online competitors
  • Quality of your existing site
  • Links to your site
  • and much more.

Call Mike to discuss the optimisation work that your website needs and how much this would cost.

5How quick are SEO results?

It normally takes a few months for our SEO work to have an effect. Though for larger older websites this can be much quicker.

Please call Mike to discuss your site and realistic timescales.

6Do you know what you are doing with SEO?

Letting our results do the talking, see our testimonials and case studies from previous clients.

Many of our clients have come to us from agencies who did not know what they were doing, so we do get asked this question. Usually the reason was that they did not know how to build links.

7Do you do national SEO?

We are very experienced at SEO throughout the UK with many national clients. For national products and services, the competition is often greater meaning it is even more important to:

  • Have a fast and well-designed website
  • Have great quality links

Please contact us for references for our UK SEO clients.

8Do you have International experience?

We do have international clients who have websites in many different international regions, so yes we do have international SEO experience.

9Why are links important, and can I trust you to build good ones?

Still the main way that Google measures the quality of your website is, the quality of the links pointing to it from other sites [3] . Since 2004 we have been building relationships with website owners, bloggers and journalists. So, when we start building links, we have many contacts who we can approach for quality links.

We are happy to give references from past link building clients. These links are often the main difference between success and failure.

SEO consultants are therefore under pressure to deliver links to their client’s websites. If not approached in the right way, this can be a challenging task.

There are easy ways to build links which do not meet Google’s terms of service [6] . They can increase a website ranking, but risk the site being banned from Google. This is not good for anyone.

We prefer to keep our clients for many years ensuring them long term sustainable success, so we only building quality links.

10My site has received a penalty, can you help?

Yes, we have helped many websites recover from Google penalties. Businesses who came to us following 'iffy' practices from their previous SEO company.

Google operates guidelines [6] that website owners must meet to be listed in their index. If a website does not meet their requirements, Google may:

  1. Penalise the site by reducing its rankings
  2. Remove the site from its index altogether

This may be due to:

  1. Issues with the website and its content (Google Panda [4] Penalty)
  2. Issues with the website’s linking to the website (Google [5] Penguin Penalty)

If your site has suffered a penalty, please see Google Penalty Recovery, or call Mike.


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Step 1 of getting to the top of Google is to analyse your website.
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On-site SEO

When considering where to rank your web-page, Google looks at your website and the information on its pages
Diagram of inner workings of a website

Technical performance

The technical performance of a website is very important to its search engine performance, and a key part of your websites SEO optimization. To find if your website’s technical performance can be improved see SEO Audit.


If you think about it, the only reason any of us visit any website is to read, watch or listen to its content. Why should Google rank your site well if its content is thin, generic, and does not engage your visitors?

Off-site SEO

If you want top rankings Google needs to see your site as an authority and trustworthy. One of the main ways it does this is by looking at the links to your website [3]
Concept image of seo links


Our goal for your link building campaigns is to increase your search engine rankings for the long term and attracts new visitors from the sites linking to you. We have been successfully link building since 2004.

Social Signals

Social media can be an excellent source of new visitors and links to your website, with the added bonus of also increasing your Google search rankings.

Google Penalty Recovery


Do you think your website has suffered a Google Penalty?

Is it suffering from lower than deserved rankings, or has it been banned from Google’s Index?

Google Penalty Image

Google is always trying to improve its search results and filter out poor quality websites; two of their filters they call Panda [4] and Penguin [5]

Google Panda

The Google Panda filter looks at the quality of the content on your website. If the quality is below their set standards, you may see a drop-in rankings for the offending pages.

Google Penguin

The Google Penguin penalty looks at the quality of the links pointing to your website. If the quality is below their set standards you may see:

If you believe your website is suffering from either of these penalties please call Mike to discuss.

Boosting your positions in and home_seo_bing


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