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Google recommends a detailed audit of your website before hiring an SEO company

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Free website analysis and report

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You report will summarise how your site compares with your two main competitors for:

  • Keyword – how you ranks in for your chosen keyword.
  • Content - how your site content compares in terms of its content.
  • Technical - the status of the technical site set-up.
  • Popularity – how you compare in terms of links and social followers.

Analyse your competitors

The purpose of the free SEO check is to give you a quick overview of some of the items that may need to be improved on your site.

For most businesses though this is not comprehensive enough and a Detailed SEO Audit is required.

To discuss call Mike Knivett.

Detailed SEO Audit

Goggle has over 200 factors that it looks at [1] when deciding where to rank your website.

We therefore undertake very detailed website analysis to find out how the website can be improved. Our checks include:

  1. Server Security Checks
  2. Canonicalisation Checks
  3. Website Crawling and Indexing Checks
  4. Page Rendering Checks
  5. Google Set Up Checks
  6. Website Performance Checks
  7. Navigation & URL Structure Checks
  8. Home Page Checks
  9. Footer Checks
  10. Calls to Action and Goals & Ecommerce Tracking Checks
  11. Blog Section Checks
  12. Product Category Page Checks
  13. Geo-Targeted Pages Checks
  14. Content and Optimisation Checks
  15. Backlinks Checks

To discuss a detailed website audit for your website, call Mike Knivett.

Detailed Website SEO Audit - what we do

The following summarises the checks undertaken in our comprehensive website audits:

  1. Server Security

    Check if HTTPS enabled and configured correctly?

  2. Canonicalisation

    Check that only one version of the website is indexable, that all possible page versions re-direct to primary version, and that canonical tags are correctly used.

  3. Website Crawling and Indexing

    Check potential crawling and indexing issues; check Googles index and review data in Google Search Console.

  4. Page Rendering

    Check that the site renders consistently to GoogleBot and the user on desktop and mobile.

  5. Google Set Up

    Check the correct setup of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console and My Business.

  6. Website Performance

    Check speed and mobile ‘friendliness’.

  7. Home Page

    Check the home pages meta robots, title, description, and keyword tags, plus content and usability.

  8. Calls to Action and Goals & Ecommerce Tracking

    Check forms, contact methods and ecommerce set up, plus correct set up of goal tracking, goal funnels.

  9. Blog Section

    Check the correct set up of blog, blog posts and content quality and freshness. Check blog category / tag optimisation and indexing.

  10. Product Category Page

    Check the page layout, optimisation, number of products, navigation and content.

  11. Geo-Targeted Pages

    Check the set-up, quantity and quality of geo pages.

  12. Content and Optimisation

    Check that the internal pages of the website should have a reasonable amount of high value content and internal pages should be well optimised.

Carrying out an effective audit is impossible without the use of tools. Take a look at this post by Cloudways for examples of the software that's often used in the audit process.Or if you'd us to quote for a professional audit of your website, contact Mike Knivett.

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